Wildlife Wonders invites you to the wild side of the Great Ocean Road, to explore a spectacular Australian bushland environment, where the forest meets the sea.

At the Visitor Centre you’ll be met by your conservationist guide, who will accompany you on a walk through this magical setting, and share with you the secrets of the bush and the plants and animals who call the Otways home.

You’ll encounter the unique wildlife of the Otways living freely within a protected habitat area – where koalas doze in the treetops, potoroos and bandicoots forage on the ferny forest floors, and kangaroos hop along the horizon against a spectacular ocean vista.

Wildlife Wonders is protected by a fox and cat proof fence so it is free from feral predators. This means you’ll be able to enjoy a thriving Otways ecosystem that presently cannot be found elsewhere.

The 1.4km all-abilities walking path makes this a wonderful and achievable experience for the whole family. Designed and created by Brian Massey, an Art Director on ‘The Hobbit’ films and landscape designer of the award-winning ‘Hobbiton’ in New Zealand, Wildlife Wonders slowly reveals the a magnificent landscapes and exquisite wildlife for which the Great Ocean Road is renowned.

The walk includes a pause at the Research Base, where you’ll be able to learn more about projects currently being undertaken across the Otways by the Conservation Ecology Centre. Along the final stage of the walk we’ll show you some of the research work ‘in action’, including camera traps and nesting boxes.

Back at the Visitor Centre you can browse the gift shop and enjoy a light meal or well-earned coffee or cold drink.

Take a look behind the scenes of the making of Wildlife Wonders here.


Your visit makes a difference

Every visit to Wildlife Wonders supports a brighter future for the wild Otways, and for nature across Australia and around the world. This is because all profits from Wildlife Wonders operations are invested in nature by supporting the critical research and conservation programs of the Conservation Ecology Centre, building knowledge, restoring habitats and supporting threatened species.

You can join us in this important work:

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