Swamp Wallaby

(Wallabia bicolor)

If you see something that looks like a small kangaroo, on its own and in more bushy areas, it’s more likely to be a wallaby.

  • Photo Credit: Anders Zimny i


Unlike the kangaroo, the wallaby generally avoids open grasslands, farms and paddocks. They prefer to live on the edge of forests with a thick understory of plants where it can feed on fungi, ferns, leaves and sedges.  As they are smaller than a kangaroo and solitary they are much less confident. They display more predator avoiding behaviour like hiding in the scrub close to the forest edge.

The Swamp Wallaby is noticeably smaller and darker than the Eastern Grey Kangaroo and has dark patches on the ends of its nose, tail, legs and forelimbs. 

These wallabies are a common site on the edge of the road in the Otways, so make sure to look out for them when you are driving.


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