Tasmanian Pademelons

(Thylogale billardierii)

These charming little wallabies are only as tall as your knee. They are mostly nocturnal, but sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to encounter one feeding during the day.

  • Photo Credit: Regent Photography i
  • Photo Credit: Regent Photography i


Tasmanian Pademelons are shy and wary, they will pop right up from their feeding to make sure you’re not a threat.

Like wallabies, the pademelons like to hide in the forest but will venture out into more open patches to feed. They can be found in all sorts of habitats from rainforests to coastal heath.

This species, also called the Rufus-bellied Pademelon, is now only found in Tasmania, but would have roamed about the Otways in the past. It is likely that hunting by people and pest species as well as the clearing of land lead to their demise on the mainland.


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